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Periodontologinis gydymas
Periodontologinis gydymasDental gum diseases are caused by poor oral hygiene. This manifests in plaque and calculus. This is caused by nothing else than food residues, epithelial cells with infecting microorganisms leading to inflammation. Untreated gum inflammation (gingivitis) gradually grows to periodontitis – bone atrophy begins and teeth start to wobble. Yet, there is a solution – a timely surgical treatment for gum: gingivectomy – the removal of infected, damaged gums, patch surgery, curettage.

Periodontal is the surrounding tissue of the tooth: an alveolar bone, gums and ligaments holding a tooth in the bone cavity, in the alveolus. The tooth is not coalescent with the bone, it is rather “hanging” in the alveolus, supported by the periodontal ligaments attached to the tooth and the bone. The onset of an infection in the gum, if not treated in a timely manner, spreads to the periodontal, damaging irreversibly. When a periodontal is affected, the disease is referred to as periodontitis (in other words - periodontium). This disease is not curable, the processes are irreversible, but it can be stopped and maintained in a stable condition. Therefore, treatment and constant oral care are essential, enabling you to save your teeth. Surely, it is best that a patient visits a dentist for a prophylactic check. Professional oral hygiene is also required. Our specialists will not only perform this procedure perfectly but will also provide oral hygiene instructions and will answer all your questions.

Periodontologinis gydymas

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