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Removable dentures

In cases where more teeth are lost and it is not possible to use fixed prosthetics such as bridge or implants, a removable denture is produced.

When there is at least one tooth left, a partial denture is produced. It comes in several types:

  • plastic denture with standard clasps
  • plastic denture with molded individual clasps that accurately surround the teeth
  • the elastic Valplast ® plastic denture – which is a flexible denture made of special plastic, it is much more resistant to fractures, more aesthetic due to the gum or teeth colored clasps, it holds more firmly and takes up less space in the mouth, makes it easier for a person to adapt
  • cast (metal) removable denture - the most durable removable partial dentures as it is made of a metal frame, which is precisely adjusted in the mouth, metal clasps accurately surround the supporting teeth, the chewing load is allocated towards the supporting teeth, thus there is less weight on the alveolar bone which prevents the bone loss.

In cases where all teeth are lost, full removable denture is produced.

Non-removable prostheses

neisimami protezaiCrowns

A crown may be needed to:

  • Protect a weak tooth from breaking or fix a broken tooth
  • Restore a broken tooth or tooth that is significantly worn out (weary)
  • Cover and fix the teeth with a large filling, in cases when there is a lack of remaining tooth
  • Support the bridge
  • Cover the tooth of an irregular shape or color
  • Restore tooth on the implant

In most of the cases, crowns are used to restore the strength of the tooth and improve the aesthetic image of those teeth that are weakened by caries, injuries, various diseases, or endodontic treatment. The crowns are like a hat covering the whole tooth. Before the crown is placed, the teeth are prepared - polished and given a certain required shape. Further, dental impressions are taken in order to produce the precise prosthesis. After the crown is produced, it is cemented on the tooth.

Dental bridges

neisimami protezaiDental bridges are applied when the patient has lost one or more teeth and the adjacent teeth can be used to fix the resulting gap. In order to avoid manipulating adjacent teeth, an implant can be used for dental restoration, after assessing the situation.

In the absence of one or more teeth, it is necessary to correct the resulting gap in order to restore normal biting function. If the front teeth are lost, aesthetics becomes even more important. It is important to remember the adjacent teeth as well: after the loss of even one tooth, changes in the entire jaw begin to develop. Teeth that were adjacent to the removed teeth begin to shift, therefore; if the restoration of the lost tooth is delayed, irreversible processes may begin, resulting in complicating further treatment and increasing treatment cost. Possible negative changes in the lower jaw joint may occur, resulting in disturbed digestive system, since the mouth and teeth are the first elements of this system. Various stomach-related problems may also occur - without the necessary ingredients and vitamins, the whole body is weakening. When there is a lack of more teeth, the remaining teeth become overloaded, which can cause the bone loss in the affected area, teeth start to wobble and eventually the remaining teeth are lost.

The crowns and bridges may be:

  • full metal crowns
  • porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns (color adapted to adjacent teeth)
  • pressed ceramics crowns (color adapted to adjacent teeth)
  • Zirconia ceramics crowns (color adapted to adjacent teeth)

While permanent prosthesis is being produced, temporary crowns or bridges can be made.

Implant- supported prosthesis

Only zirconia ceramic screw-retained crowns with custom made abutments are used for implant- supported prosthesis in our clinic. Currently, this type of implant-supported prosthesis is worldly known for the best quality, precision and best fitting.

In cases of edentulous jaws, in order to achieve better fixation of the removable prosthesis, we offer the Locator system® where only two implants are needed. This ensures good fixation of the removable denture in the mouth while eating or speaking.

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