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Pain-free, non-surgical facial procedures


Your age is defined by how you look and feel. After all, when looking in the mirror, we want to have as little reproof as possible, no matter how frantic the pace of life is.

When growing old, “nature” may need a little help and non-surgical facial treatments can do wonders. You deserve to look and feel as best as possible, and we are here to help you achieve this without pain.

Wrinkle reduction is a quick procedure that can be done during a lunch time!

Smile Height Correction

Depending on the situation of each patient, the following treatment steps may be needed:

  • tooth crown height correction (gum plastics)
  • lip filling
  • injection of botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin injections regulate muscle activity so that you can smile, but the upper lip does not rise above the desired level. For stable results, this procedure should be repeated every 3-4 months.


One of the most effective ways to beautify the looks and look younger is to smooth mimic and aging wrinkles. We can help you achieve the desired results with the latest techniques and the best products.

For the reduction of wrinkles we use a substance called botulinum toxin. It has been used safely and effectively for over 25 years. For more information, refer to the “Answers to your questions” part.


In order to reduce wrinkles around the eyes, such as "Crow’s feet" or laughter lines, we also use botulinum toxin. Although this area is very sensitive, using advanced techniques, we can treat it painlessly.

Heart Lips ®

Heart Lips method developed by one of the world's leading aesthetics specialists Bob Khanna, is already available in Lithuania. Our doctor Giedre Kscenaviciute is a licensed therapist for this method. Lips that are formed using this method look very natural and sexy.

Lips and Mouth Creases

One of the most effective ways to feel confident about your appearance is to emphasize the lip contour, or even increase the volume of the lips. Reducing the wrinkles around the mouth corners, you will immediately feel rejuvenated.

With local anaesthesia, we can safely, completely painlessly and accurately inject the gel formulation into the lip contour and / or lips, thus reducing surrounding wrinkles. You will feel rejuvenated immediately and will be able to enjoy the result that lasts from 6 to 12 months, depending on the product that is injected..

Nose to Lip Lines

With age the nose to lip area is particularly prone to wrinkling. Applying local anesthesia, we can safely and painlessly apply the gel product to the skin in order to soften the creasing and you will immediately feel rejuvenated. You can enjoy the result that lasts from 6 to 12 months, depending on the type of product that is injected.

Pain Management

If you wake up in the morning with facial muscle tension, frequent headache, neck or back pain, or tormenting migraine, we can help you!

We perform examination and treatment of head, neck, and lower mandibular joint or facial muscle pain. As well, in our clinic you can receive treatment for bruxism and its consequences. Detailed examination of the occlusion and mandibular joint, muscular dysfunction and complex treatment is available in our clinic.

Botulinum Toxin injections can change your life!


You deserve to look and feel at your best and we are ready to help you to achieve it!

PRGF Endoret Plasma Therapy® with Blood Plasma


What is Botulinum Toxin or Botox?

Botulinum toxin has been used for more than 25 years, a variant of the purified protein released by the Clostridium botulinum bacterium. It is safe to use. During treatment, it is applied directly to the facial muscles with ultra-thin needles and in low doses. Clostridium botulinum bakterija, atmaina. Jį naudoti yra saugu. Preparato gydymo metu suleidžiama tiesiai į veido raumenis itin plonomis adatomis ir mažomis dozėmis.

How does it work?

Botulinum toxin works by blocking the transfer of nerve impulses to the facial muscles where the product is injected. Consequently, the muscles move less, resulting in softened mimic and aging wrinkles.

How many stages of treatment do I need?

Most patients can appreciate a significant difference after the first procedure. This is due to the fact that botulinum toxin works slowly, reducing the wrinkles within a few days and acting up to 4 months. Of course, each face is unique, and we will recommend how many treatment sessions you need, how often the treatment needs to be repeated, depending on the outcome you desire to achieve.

How long does the botulinum toxin effect last?

The effect of botulinum toxin usually lasts for four months, depending on the patient's response to the product. If you decide to stop treatment, mimic and aging wrinkles will gradually show again.

Is the treatment painful?

In very rare cases, treatment with botulinum toxin can be painful. Most patients feel little discomfort during the injection or do not feel anything at all, but that is all. We will discuss all procedures and treatment stages in detail so that you know what to expect after commencing the treatment.

Can I get back to work right after the procedure?

The worst that can occur after treatment with botulinum toxin is mild redness at the site of the injection, which will disappear after a few hours. After lip filling or wrinkle reduction around the mouth procedure, small bruises or swelling may appear, so you may not want to go back to work immediately.

I am concerned that after lip filling procedure I may have a so-called duck-face.

Do not worry; we will do our best to achieve the result that you desire. Accurate manipulation of this sensitive area will help preventing the lip volume overfilling or unnatural lip contour.

All procedures are performed by the dentist Giedre Kscenaviciute, who has completed all three levels of botulinum toxin training, as well as all four levels of work with derma fillers (hyaluronic acid) courses for face contouring at Dr. Bob Khanna Training Institute (Great Britain), containing a license to apply Heart Lips method.

Doctor Giedre Kscenaviciute is also Trained by the BTI Technologies Institute to work with the unique PRGF system and perform skin rejuvenation.

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